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Nothing beats the warm fuzzy feeling you get in the pit of your stomach as a piece of chocolate melts in your mouth. So why is it that chocolate makes us feel so good and that only a minority of people don't like it (who exactly are these people!?)? Well there is actually a very good scientific reason as to why. Chocolate contains a stimulant much like caffeine, which is called theobromine and is also contains a compound called anandamide - without getting too scientific, these chemicals produce feelings of joy and contentment in our brains. Chemicals or no chemicals, it is impossible to deny that chocolate tastes delicious!

For whatever reason, it is perhaps one of the World's favourite foods and to the degree that there are now holidays based around chocolate...that originally had nothing to do with the stuff! Easter and Valentine's Day both revolve around chocolate treats – lets face it, there would be many a disappointed children on Easter morning if they didn't receive any chocolate eggs, and many broken relationships without a box of chocolates on Valentine's Day. It is unarguable that the Great British Public loves any excuse to eat and celebrate the joy that is chocolate.

Here at Great British Sweets we have plenty of treats to satisfy those chocolate cravings, including bars made by the UK's favourite chocolate producer, Cadburys, and traditional old favourites like Porky Pigs and Pink and White Mice. We also ensure we have something to make a chocolate lover's “special day” even better with chocolate wedding favours – from hearts wrapped in shiny foil to personalised chocolate wedding favours. Whether you like dark, white or milk chocolate, we have got a huge selection of cocoa favourites for you to enjoy.

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